Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"Poster Child" Taken To Woodshed

Today a friend forwarded me a link to a website where I was labeled by the editor of as the "poster child for the disenchanted". The author (the editor) also took Consumer Reports to task for test-driving hybrids at "near tip-over speed" to prove that the don't get the advertised miles. To be clear, once again: I have not lost faith in hybrid-technology. I have issues with how the advertisers set expectations about the fuel-efficiency of such vehicles. Even to this day, Honda still sets unrealistic expectations with consumers about the potential mileage, still dedicating messaging to the very faulty EPA estimates that everyone in the industry (but not regular consumers) know to be way off the mark. That's my issue. Plain and simple.

This is the blurb written on the Honda website about the gas mileage. Very misleading.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 19, 2004

2020 Miles Since the June Inspection

This is the relevant portion of the report from Century Honda about my Honda car. 2020 miles later, the car still barely gets 33 miles per gallon. Very disappointing and frustrating. Clearly for me, and maybe for Honda as well. The very nice person (Matt) who took it upon himself to conduct the full car inspection seemed confident the adjustments he listed in the report would do the trick. Just not the case.  Posted by Hello