Saturday, September 17, 2005

Consumer Reports Dives In

Consumer Reports recently published yet another piece taking a very hard look at EPA mileage estimates. Here's a link to the piece, along with a relevant soundbyte from the article:

"For years, automakers have been criticized for producing vehicles that get so-so gas mileage. But as gas prices climb and consumers seek more miles per gallon, it turns out that fuel economy is much worse than it appears--50 percent less on some models, a new Consumer Reports analysis reveals."


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

I don't have a hybrid but pretty close. My Scion xA is mistaken for one nearly every day and it gets a real 32MPG for all around driving and up to 36MPG for all highway driving like a slightly old lady.

But I want to know if there is a newer - higher - "sweet spot" for the best mileage in cars coming out of Japan and Detroit. Can anyone tell me?

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