Saturday, August 20, 2005

What Motivates This Author? Ask Others

I'm not spending a penny to advertise this blog but a growing number of consumers keep stumbling into my commentary thanks to how it's been indexed on Google. Because I started writing this blog back in 2003, back in the early days of hybrid car adoption, my content has been rewarded on search engines. The fact that so many other bloggers or media writers have linked to this blog as a general resource on hybrid cars has helped in search results, and create a venue for interesting feedback. This past week, I received a number of excellent comments, including one from a guy (who I don't know) that seems to have me (and my mission on this blog) entirely figured out. He's pretty close to the mark. Here's an excerpt:

As I read this blog (over a several day period) I noticed something - Pete loves his car. Sure, he was disappointed with the actual mileage he encountered over the lofty promises on the window sticker. Like a lot of people, he blamed the dealer, the manufacturer, the EPA. But never once did I read that he encouraged someone NOT to buy the car. Quite the contrary, he has done everything possible to salvage the relationships, beliefs and technologies involved with hybrid vehicles.


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Jeff Scott said...

Hi Pete,

In 1985, I bought a brand new 1985 Nissan Sentra Diesel. It had an emmissions control system. Its mileage was rated at, if I recall correctly, 41/47, both which were #1 in its class for that year.

I found that consistently I got 45 city and 55 highway, better than the estimate. It also put out NO smoke like regular diesels do as long as you didn't buy cheap-o diesel with high sulfur content (in europe, they remove sulfur and most diesels are very low emmissions.)

Diesels also have NO carbon monoxide emmissions and the particulants they emit are heavier than air and fall harmlessly to the ground.

You can park yourself in a closed garage with a diesel engine running and you will NOT asphixiate.

Diesels get far better mileage than hybrids, are easier and cheaper to maintain, are safer (diesel fuel is NOT explosive). But do you find diesels for sale? NO. In 1985, only a few dozen models were made of my car. I was lucky to get one.

Hybrids are a total scam. The auto industry is a total scam. They can make low emmissions cars that get great mileage. But they choose not to.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(With tongue firmly planted in cheek...)

Free blog-psychoanalysis available Monday-Fridays, 8-5 E.S.T.

Content may not neccesarily reflect the views of the blog owner, though in this case as I was quoted, it appears that they did.


Don Crouse

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At 6:02 PM, Blogger ingek said...

I bought a modern "Edsel". With 2500 miles on my 2005 Honda Accord hybrid, I fume everytime I look at the mileage. I was told I'd have to keep it a year before selling it. I 've always kept cars 10 years. I hate this car. I'm averaging less than 24 mpg. I so wanted to have a Hybrid, but the Prius is too small for me. I didn't do the research. I trusted the car company. I need a keeper. My 10 yr old Camry was totaled 3 mos before the Camry Hybrid was to be available. I must have been still in a fog when I bought the Accord. It has a V6 engine. DUH! It was $8,000 more than a plain Camry. I hate the roughness of the ride. I assumed it was just like the Camry. Now I've learned the Camry glides over the road, while in a Honda it seems like I feel every pebble. Yes, it is responsive and peppy, but I got better mileage in my old car. I'm glad the subtle Hybrid tag is barely noticeable. I'm embarrassed to be driving this. Standard cars get better mileage. GRRRRR.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger clarence said...

YES!! I bought a new Sentra Diesel in 1983 and my dad bought one in 1984. He bought his because I was getting 63 hwy!!! That was the advertised hwy milage. I still have his but after almost 300k miles the engine blew. It is impossible to find one. I got 280K out of my 83. Why don't they make this car today?????

At 12:23 AM, Blogger agnos1 said...

Here is why I purchased a "pre-owned" 1999 Mercedes 320E instead of the 2005 Prius:

I was already to get greener by purchasing the Prius. Went to the Toyota dealership to test-drive and found out that even "if" the gas mileage turned out as expected there were other factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle:

1) Safety- The Prius is an accident waiting to happen. As a hatchback it lacks rear visibility especially if you happen to be carrying a backseat passenger (like our Toyota Salesman who knew nothing about the car). Because of the electrical cable throughout the frame rescuers need to take extra (and time-consumeing) precautions when extricating victims from a hybrid car-crash.

2) Cost- When comparing the overall cost of a new hybrid vs. the cost of a used Mercedes WITH all the safety features of the Mercedes wins economically.

3) Ergonomics- Mercedes is famous for keeping things simple yet elegant. The Prius is an exercise in stupidity. The clock (which is huge) is situated about 50 feet in toward the window. In other words the top of the dashboard goes on forever. The computer display is distracting yet difficult to read when you do get the chance to read it. It doesn't pivot. It's set to reflect the most light possible into your eyes. When the gas engages there's a lurch. This car is put together incorrectly.

I'll buy the next generation of hybrid once they've learned what customers need and want. Hydrogen would be even better (assuming solar is used to create the hydrogen through electrolisis). They've got to make them safe, ergonomic, and stylish.

Carl Johnson
Walnut Creek, CA

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