Saturday, August 21, 2004

Runaway Blog(TM) Part II

What started as a "narrative" about my hybrid experience has transformed itself into an absolute fascination with blogs. While I'm not getting my desired car mileage -- not by a long shot -- I'm getting TONS of mileage in deeper understanding about this new and powerful "social networked" world in which we live. Just consider: yesterday, MediaPost writes a story about my hybrid car experience, including this blog. Folks read the story and then check out my blog. A few actually write comments such as these. One of the commenters, Robert, just so happens to be a pretty prolific blogger himself and takes it upon himself to read my entire blog narrative, from purchase to disappointment, and neatly synthesizes it on his very impressive blog, which he's named -- aptly -- InfOPINIONS?. I'm so impressed that he so accurately summarized my entire situation -- he uses the term "anthropological" -- that I feel the urge to give him feedback. For all I know, I may now be RSS-fed into Robert's real-time knowledge gathering system. Such is our world.

Feedback Moments: If you haven't seen the links to other comments on my blog, you might find it fun to "follow-the trail." Here are a few. A guy names Larry agrees with Pete. Meanwhile, Anonymous says "Get Your Money Back." Gregger says "Dude, you have bad mileage gauge." Anonymous says "You should have bought the Insight." Another Anonymous says: "Pete, it's your damn fault."

Damn I love the internet!


At 11:34 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Hey Pete,

Thank you for your kind comments! I cannot tell you how many times I've referenced your site in the past few days. I shared the story with my classes, wrote about it in another blog post and talked about it to friends. I hope you do write a 'Runaway Blog(TM)' book. It is unfortunate that Honda has not recognized the ways they could embrace your experiences and turn it into a positive for both of you. Maybe it will still happen. Who knows. I will keep checking in, too. Take care.


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