Sunday, May 16, 2004

NPR Strips More Bark off Issue (+ Call to Action Re: EPA)

Another round of thanks for all the great comments from everyone out there. We're building a real community around this issue. On Friday, NPR ran an outstanding story about the problem with the current EPA guidelines around hybrid cars. NPR's Michele Norris spoke with Csaba Csere, editor-in-chief of Car and Driver Magazine. A couple key points. One, the mileage problem out there is real, with hybrids cars being "25% over-rated" relative to what's officially advertised. Two, the antiquated EPA guidelines are a BIG part of the problem, and even preventing auto OEMs telling consumers that the car ACTUALLY gets less mileage than advertised. The good news is that EPA is NOW collecting comments on its gas mileage estimates from the auto industry and the public. The comment window ends in July, so if you care about this issue, PLEASE send your feedback.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger mredick said...

I haven't scanned the whole blog, but can you describe what your driving habits are. I have a '04 Civic Hybrid and my mileage is pretty good. This is the first winter I've had the car and my mileage has dropped a bit. However, I'm happy to report that I am still getting reasonable mileage - mid to high 40's, for the winter months, and low to mid 50's when outside tempatures are 50 degrees F and above. Obviously things like tire pressure and proper maintenance are a prerequiste. My civic is a 5 speed so that helps too, but I have two friends that have the automatic like yourself and they are getting mid to high 40's. My suggestion to you pal is Learn to Drive.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Pete Blackshaw said...

Thanks for feedback. In all candor, I drive like any other driver. After over 10K miles, I get exactly 32 miles per gallon. As I've said many times, I'm far from giving up on hybrid cars. I just have issues with how expectations are set on the advertising front. If in fact my hybrid has real issues (which so many believe) they should just fix it, so I can sing the full praise of my Civic Hybrid like you.

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