Saturday, March 06, 2004

No Response Yet From Honda???

Hmmm....been about ten days now since I initially heard from my Honda dealer (who said he'd "escalate" my initial inquiry about my Honda Hybrid's low mileage to more senior levels), and NO response. Big Bummer! Not a day goes by when my wife doesn't give me grief for driving around with hybrid car with a license plate that reads "Mo Miles" that only gets about 60% of the advertised mileage. You'd think SOMEONE from Honda would at least give me a hanky. But listen, I'm no consumer terrorist. I'm hoping and praying Honda will do or say something that will help resolve the unbearable cognitive dissonance I feel over driving this car. I'm not ready to give up on the hybid revolution, but I honestly feel like a bit of an imposter. I'll feel even worse if I find out someone I know drops $21K on a hybrid based on by my "trusted" (albeit misleading & erroneous) recommendation about the car's low mileage. Talk about keeping one up at night. Honda, would you at least offer to check out the car? Maybe my experience is atypical. Maybe my odometer is missing a wire. Maybe I forgot to push the a critical button or something. I'm waiting on the wings -- don't let me bail! You want me as an ambassador. I'm serious.


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