Saturday, May 08, 2004

No Response Yet -- What the Heck Is Going On???

Two facts are undeniable at this point. First, my Honda Civic hybrid car barely gets 32 MPG, ridiculously less than the advertised 47-48 advertising mileage. Second, my dear wife -- a no-nonsense brand manager at a local company that made it's name on defensible ad promises like "99.9% Pure...It Floats" -- thinks I'm a spineless wimp and wants to huck my "Mo Miles" license plate into the Ohio River. If only Honda were more sensitized to the fact that half this darn exercise is about "saving face." Meanwhile, I haven't heard a peep from Honda in response to my last letter to both the VP of Sales and the CEO of the Advertising Agency. Very frustrating, especially when Honda is cranking out press releases about hybrid sales, and your wife is calling you a wimp. Yo Honda, what up? Don't leave me hangin' like this.


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