Monday, March 15, 2004

Customer Service Frustrations

OK...another week passes, and no response whatsoever from the folks at the dealer. Recall, I sent an e-mail to the nice guy who sold me my car (Dave). I never heard from Dave, but I did hear from someone at the dealership, who said they were going to send my note and concern to other folks at Honda. No response. So tonight, I went to Honda's "Ownerlink" system (remember, I gave this raving reviews in an earlier blog entry) hoping to find an easier way to reach someone who might be able to help me. While Ownerlink boast just about every bell and whistle you could imagine from a vehicle info and payment tracking perspective, it seemed to be missing the most obvious feature: a simple feedback button. Not even an e-mail link...nothing! Yes, lots of FAQs (which I often appreciate), but nowhere was there any guidance on what to do if you want to provide feedback. So then I skipped over to and clicked the "contact us" button. Out of order! Seriously, the page actually said it wasn't working. How frustrating!


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