Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A Fine (And Legitimate) Whine Takes Time?

Here's the latest. I finally shot a note to the incredible friendly and likeable Honda dealer who dropped the Honda Civic Hybrid Keys in my pocket (remember the guy in the video.). The message: "This car's not workin' as advertised. Say it ain't so?" Something like that. The good news is someone from the dealership responded today and asked if he could escalate my note to some regional Honda folks. You bet, I responded. In fairness, I'd be remiss not to put a few points on the board for Honda on the responsiveness front. (My cynical side assumed it would take over a week.) Whether they can solve the riddle (inside a big enigma) of low mileage, I just don't know. What I know for sure is that I need to get this resolved. My wife's all over me on this one, especially given that her heart was set on the 2004 Accord, not the Hybrid, but she respectfully deferred to my "change the world" zeal. Worse still, it's tearing me up that I'm driving a car with a license plate that's misrepresenting the facts. Help!

Must admit, I feel quite ambivalent about exercising a full-fledged "feedback m


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