Wednesday, October 15, 2003

First Day Out & The 1st Law of Unintended Benefits

Great first day with the new car! Heads certainly turned, and I for one delighted in every single ride. The car handles remarkably well, and it's just too cool when the gas shuts off at intersections or stops. The entire damn car goes silent. I just love that! Interestingly, I stumbled into a benefit I never considered before I bought the car. The stereo sounds ABSOLUTELY fabulous when the engine isn't running. The switch from gas to electric when the car stops is like putting on expensive noise-reduction headphones. It's absolutely amazing -- like sitting in a concert hall. This is probably a big undiscovered or under-exploited marketing insight for the Honda folks. And it could open up a "cohort" group for targeted marketing. I'll call them the "Bose-Ohs". No, I'm not talking about the clown, but the Bose stereo afficionados -- the fast growing, high-spending, sometimes righteous (but always damn knowlegable) "no ambient noise" crowd. So if these sound fanatics will pay $300 for a set of noise-cancelling headphones, it's hard not to imagine this segment looking kindly on a noise-cancelling car. This morning, I was listening to the new Dido album, and I must say, it sounded nothing short of glorious. In fact, never in my life have I so longed for a red light in order to turn my new car into a silent golfcart.


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