Sunday, October 26, 2003

When Will I Fill This Damn Car Up?

Full confession: the economy aspect of this car (i.e. 50 MPG) was NOT the sole motivation in buying the Honda Civic Hybrid. Also on the "reasons to buy" list were a sense of "being there first," and perhaps a perverse suspicion that I'd among the rare few in Cincinnati driving such a vehicle. Put another way, I guess we all want to stand out. That said, my appreciation for the gas-saving/fuel efficiency aspect of this car has dialed up a great deal since I bought the car, and lately I've been looking at my James Bond-syle indicator panel with one big question in mind: "When will I make my first trip to the gas station." I'm now at 280 miles and I'm only half way through the gas tank. And were it not for the fact that I've been "punching" the gas quite a bit to explore the full manueverability and acceleration of the car, I'd probably have more gas. To make this interesting, I'm thinking of starting an office pool so folks can estimate when I'll need my first full tank of gas. Dare to guess?


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